Villa Le Palme and its surroundings

Discover the territory: our suggestions for the most interesting places in Calabria, to visit during your stay.
Villa Le Palme is an ancient farmhouse from the 1800s located in Longobardi, a small town on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. It enjoys an excellent location, just a few steps away from the sea. This feature makes it ideal for families or couples who love the tranquility and convenience of having a vacation in a quiet area, not very crowded by tourists.


The history of Longobardi and its numerous districts has inspired us to give each room a different name: Tauriana, Palmenti, Teodolinda, Liutprando, Majura, Bovernino, Mancaturu, Fiorino. The Arlia family, owners of the property, wanted to emphasize this connection with the origins of the farmhouse, to involve guests even more in the environment that surrounds them.

The little town, like almost all the ancient villages on the coast, has a territory geographically divided in two: the small historic center, located on a hill 325 meters above sea level, where on clear days you can admire wonderful sunsets with views of the smoking Stromboli and sometimes even the rest of the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna, and the marina (where Villa Le Palme is located) which has developed recently.

Continuing further inland, behind Longobardi, rises the majestic Monte Cocuzzo, with its respectable height of 1541 meters. In the historical memory and reconstruction of the more or less remote past of Longobardi, it is said that the mountain would be the mountain of fire, the ancient site of an extinct volcano, which was the summit of legend, myth, mystery, and the discovery of the power of fire.

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Fiumefreddo Bruzio

One of the most beautiful villages in Calabria that is definitely worth visiting, also included in the special club of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A naturally perched village on a hill, only 6.8 km from Villa le Palme, which preserves the features of a fortified town. The view from its enchanting cliffs and terraces overlooking the sea is wonderful.

Inside the village, there is the Castle known as “Palazzo della Valle” and “Castel Freddo” dating back to the seventeenth century, now used by the municipality for numerous cultural activities and events. Numerous churches, including the one of San Rocco, are frescoed inside by the famous Sicilian artist Salvatore Fiume in the 1980s. The artist lived in Fiumefreddo for a few years of his life, and his presence, in addition to the church, is evident throughout the medieval village thanks to his marvelous works.

For those who want to visit Fiumefreddo Bruzio, the point of reference is Alessandra Porto, an experienced Tourist Guide and lover of her hometown.


Amantea is a coastal city in the province of Cosenza, 9 km from Villa le Palme; it is believed to date back to the 9th century. In addition to its ancient history, it is known for its beaches and crystal-clear sea, as well as its numerous commercial activities. In fact, even in winter, it is one of the most attractive towns in the area.

Its territory offers numerous places of interest, including the historic center with the Castle of Amantea, the Mother Church of San Biagio, the Church of San Bernardino da Siena, and the Parco della Grotta, a huge and suggestive natural cave on which part of the historic center rests and which, in previous centuries, was close to the sea and capable of accommodating many boats. Today the park hosts the summer film screenings of the “La Guarimba” International Film Festival.

Amantea is also famous for its cuisine, which is strongly linked to the peasant and maritime traditions of Calabria. The city offers numerous events and festivals throughout the year.

Antonello Zaccaria is the reference tourist guide for Amantea. With the Core Calabro foundation, in addition to talking about his city, he aims to make Calabria known from different perspectives, including lesser-known ones.


Among our suggestions, it is worth recommending this small town located a bit further inland than other villages on the Tyrrhenian coast, 29 km from Villa le Palme. Also known as the “comune dei due castelli” (town of the two castles) due to its two castles that reside in the same territory: Castello di Petramala (late Byzantine Norman era) and Castello di Sabuci (13th century Angevin era). It is the only municipality in Calabria to have this feature and one of the few in Italy. The small historic center is absolutely worth a visit.

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For excursions or guided tours, contact Ivan Arella.


Cosenza is one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in Calabria, located in the valley of the Crati River, at the foot of the Sila Mountains with its beautiful National Park. This city (50 km from Villa le Palme) has been an important cultural and commercial center since ancient times and today represents one of the most interesting destinations in the region.

Cosenza is famous for its medieval old town, with its narrow and winding streets and picturesque squares. Here you can admire ancient palaces and churches, such as the Cathedral of Cosenza and the Svevo Castle, which tell the city’s millennial history. The old town is also the ideal place to discover local cuisine, with its traditional restaurants and markets offering fresh and genuine products.

In the more modern part of the city, there is the MAB (Bilotti Open-Air Museum), a unique experience of its kind. This open-air museum is located in the heart of the city on Corso Mazzini, and offers visitors the opportunity to admire contemporary art within an urban context. The museum is named after the Roman art collector Carlo Bilotti, who donated his valuable collection of artworks to the city. The MAB was inaugurated in 2006 and covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, with a breathtaking view of the city of Cosenza. The MAB houses numerous contemporary artworks, including sculptures, installations, and graffiti. The artworks are arranged along a path that crosses the city streets, creating a perfect combination of art and urban environment.

The nearby town of Rende is an important university center, with a lively nightlife and a vibrant cultural scene. Here you can find numerous nightclubs, bars, and cafes where you can enjoy a good drink and listen to live music.

La Sila

The Sila is a vast mountainous area located in the heart of Calabria, in the province of Cosenza. It is about 95 km away from Villa le Palme.

The Sila is famous for its natural landscapes, which are among the most beautiful in Italy. Here, you can admire vast forests, crystal-clear lakes, and spectacular panoramas that will leave you speechless. This is the ideal place for nature lovers and for those seeking an authentic experience in the heart of Calabria.

The Sila is also an important cultural center, with a rich history dating back thousands of years. Here, you can visit ancient villages, medieval castles, and ancient churches, which will give you an idea of the region’s rich history and culture. Moreover, Sila is famous for its cuisine, with delicious dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation. For those looking for outdoor activities, the Sila offers a wide range of options, including hiking, cycling, and horseback riding.

In summary, the Sila is a special place worth visiting. Here, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, discover the history and culture of the region, and experience unforgettable outdoor activities. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this hidden treasure of Calabria.

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One of our recommendations for the most beautiful places to visit in Calabria is Tropea, a stunning coastal city located 98 km away from Villa le Palme. Known for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Tropea is a highly popular tourist destination in the summer. The city is also famous for its medieval and Baroque architecture, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Isola, built on a small rocky island off the coast of Tropea. Other attractions include the Diocesan Museum and the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi. Local cuisine offers a range of dishes based on fresh fish and local products, such as the “cipolla rossa di Tropea”.

Less than 10 km from Tropea lies the promontory of Capo Vaticano, one of the most picturesque coastal features of the Costa degli Dei. It is a highly popular tourist destination in Calabria and ideal for those who love the sea and unspoiled nature.

Calabria has such a varied geographical morphology that lends itself to a multitude of excursions for all tastes. By clicking here, you can find many experiences to live, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

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